Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Hidden camera or Nanny Cam

When doing diy home security we often forget about the other people in our house. When I say other people I am talking about those that do not live with us, stop in for a few minutes, come in to install or do repairs, or even those that watch our kids. So a good thing to have in your home is the hidden camera.

You can get many styles of hidden camera, such as the the teddy bear hidden camera, the wall clock hidden camera, and even an air freshner hidden camera. Some would say man you are being paranoid. Well when it comes to my kids or loved ones, yes being paranoid can help stop things that should not happen.

Maybe the baby sitter is neglecting your child, being mean to your child, or being inappropriate. How if you have an ederly parent that gets attention daily, dont you want to know how well the nurse or cna is doing. Ederly people can be neglected as well.

Maybe the plumber is suppose to be there at 8 but is late. So you let him in as you were leaving. How about when your watch came up missing or the jewelry. This is not being paranoid this is simply protecting the ones we love and keeping the things we work hard for.

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