Friday, July 8, 2011

Is It Really Important To Get An Alarm Maintenance Contract?

I have to own up, I am of the opinion that, yes, an alarm maintenance contract is worth its weight in gold, and it is often not as costly as you envisage.

A basic home alarm maintenance contract costs between £45 and £95 per year + VAT. But the variation in price also means a variation in what is included. A few alarm maintenance contracts include:

  • labour and replacement parts
  • call out charges
  • yearly site visits
  • monitoring checks where necessary
  • signing up as a registered keyholder with the police

Do check what your alarm maintenance contract is made up of. Some excellent Bristol alarms companies offer three levels of maintenance contract for residential and commercial customers, depending on the level of cover you expect and the risk of your alarm being activated.

A well maintained alarm is an advantage; one in a poor state of repair is not. Thanks to insects, builders and ageing, all alarms are likely to grow less efficient as time goes on. It is well worth getting it checked annually. For businesses and home owners who require a police response to their alarm, it is most important that a maintenance contract is bought. Police will not attend regular faulty alarms. If there are more than three annual false alarms, officers of the law will no longer attend automatically. And they demand a fee for reinstating your alarm to their list again. Maintenance contracts ensure your alarm is in good working order and avoids being struck from the local police force's list!

An alarm maintenance contract also keeps down your insurance premium. Do find insurance companies that will lower premiums where you have an alarm maintenance contract. After all, if you are serious enough to have one, you show yourself to be responsible and insurance companies love a safe bet! As far as commercial companies are concerned, insurers stipulate a maintenance contract before they will consider covering your company.

Why not investigate alarm maintenance further today?

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