Thursday, August 25, 2011

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a very common tool used for self-defense, and it is often known by the name of OC or capsicum spray; it will irritate the eyes of an attacker, and cause pain, temporary blindness and tears. Pepper spray is manufactured from cayenne pepper. Since pepper spray is customarily packaged in a small canister, it can be easily kept in your purse or pocket.

If sprayed toward someone's eyes, pepper spray instantly causes the capillaries in the eyes to dilate, which in turn cause temporary blindness, pain, tearing, coughing and chocking. After being hit with the spray, one also feels a sensation of burning skin and nausea. Mucous membranes will also possibly swell, making breathing more labored. Being hit with a pepper spray is extremely painful, and most people will become disoriented and in severe temporary distress. Because of the fact that most people hit with it will have extreme difficulty in seeing or breathing properly, their attack will fold.

The spray may not have the same full effect on people that are already impaired by drugs or alcohol, or people who are already in the fits of hysterics. These people might need to be sprayed more than once. The strength of the pepper spray is a major factor in how long someone hit will remain impaired. In most cases the effects last from thirty minutes to an hour.

Pepper spray is widely used for self-defense, and by law enforcement to tame riots. It can be a fantastic tool if an already bad situation turns violent. Pepper spray is much safer than other lethal weapons such as guns and knives. It is not a lethal weapon, even if in rare cases a few people sprayed with it have died. Those deaths were likely the results of other medical conditions already present when the person got sprayed.

It is a great idea to keep pepper spray in your home or otherwise with you at all times. If someone breaks into your home while you are in, it can be a good way to defend yourself. A small can of pepper spray is all you need. All you have to do is aim for the eyes.

Even if pepper spray is such a effective mean of self-protection, it is not legal in all countries The United Kingdom, for example, bans the use. In some states in America you need to have a license to carry pepper spray. Ensure that you can legally use pepper spray in your area before you go out and purchase some.

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