Friday, February 3, 2012

Window Locks And Home Security

Homeowners who are interested in achieving the safest possible home conditions in their homes are seriously concerned about the window lock in case of fire hazard. Sometimes the window locks can be tricky to work and may even get stuck. During times of high anxiety, lengthy opening time can be dangerous. These products are currently available in various designs and styles. The variety may make finding the best window locks an even greater challenge. There are those who ponder whether these measures are needed, that perhaps they are more dangerous than helpful.

Introducing locks - Merits
Unwanted people cannot gain entry.
These prevent robbery.
They keeping children from opening windows and falling out.

Possible hazards associated with locks:
The device may become jammed.
Windows equipped with a locking device may take time to open.
Eventually, the mechanism may wear out, causing it to malfunction.
A person may have difficulty opening a window in an emergency situation, especially if the mechanism is complicated.

Styles vary and they include folding locks, keyed sash, window latch and hinged wedge. Some types are safer when it comes to an emergency like a fire, while some are better at keeping burglars out. Having information about the styles available helps you decide the best option that suits you

Hinged Wedge.
You are able to put these on to double hung windows. The window was prevented from opening completely. During installation, the homeowner sets the furthest point for the window to be able to move. It can be pushed inwards, however, until it is vertical in the frame, then it can slide open. With these locks, you can open the window slightly while keeping the window lock secure. They can be closed fairly easily and reopened in a way that would allow people to escape in an emergency. However, having to close and reopen a window would still add to the amount of time it would take to escape safely.

A Sash with a Key.
These fixtures can be installed on double hung windows. They are put on both sides of the window, and they need to be unlocked with a key. Sash locks may be dangerous during a fire since they need to be unlocked with a key.

This type allows for quick installation with no hassles, and it is easily removed. When the window is not shut all the way, the window can still be locked. A lock to the window with a key may be good to keep out intruders but it may prove dangerous in case a fire breaks out at your home.

Window Locks
This is one of the most common styles available. It mounts to the side of one window, hooking it to the other one when the handle is pulled into place. With most cases, the latch is simple to operate when in good repair, and it is effectively safe. The window must be completely closed, however, in order to be locked.

Locks which can be folded.
The hinged wedge kind resembles these. It lets a window open up, but also staying locked. the wedge lock must be depressed into the frame before the window can be fully opened. This could provide a safety hazard.

With these products, whether your windows are safe will be your first worry. While you have many options to choose from, some are more dangerous than other. Among those that work most easily and rapidly are the types with sliding latches. The hinged wedge and folding locks styles allow air to enter but keeps intruders out. If there's an emergency, the keyed sash version might not be the best, but it is the greatest in staving off burglars. A lock can only hold your possessions while fire safety can save you and your possessions

You may choose to install new window locks if the existing one is of a style which is too difficult to open or is old and damaged. It is necessary to have locks that are easy to open and as quickly as you can. If a fire breaks up in your home then having the right locks on your windows may make the difference between life and death.

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