Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How Wireless Security Cameras Work

Wireless security cameras are partially concealed cameras that could be useful if you want to go the stealthy route. There are banks that use both wireless and wired cameras, both visible and hidden as a two-pronged attempt to discourage potential burglars, but take pictures of them even with the wired cameras off.

If you've been to Las Vegas, you'd notice the same principle applied in their casinos. Next time you enter a bank or casino, observe closely. There are cameras evident and these are for "publicity" purposes. That is, they are there to intimidate a potential robber or petty thief from doing anything, knowing that their actions are being recorded. The owners of these establishments want you to see these cameras and they want you to think twice about doing anything naughty in their places of business.

And of course, we have hidden cameras. Almost always wireless so they can be placed anywhere, they photograph through small holes in the walls or ceilings, or from behind specially designed ordinary devices you'd expect to find in the location. You can bank on wireless security cameras if you're a business owner, because if a theft occurs and the visible systems are down, you can use them to spot the guilty party and report him/her to authorities.

Wireless cameras can be battery operated. That is, they are used to monitor the activities of people for a limited amount of time. However, they have the distinct advantage of easy set-up, meaning you can place them in places that can easily be concealed, as opposed to cameras that need a wire for both power and recording.

In recent years, these cameras have been installed in many common children's toys, clocks and other devices that could easily be found near children. They are useful when it comes to monitoring the behavior of babysitters or nannies watching over small children. You wouldn't want your toddlers left in the hands of an unstable individual who can possibly commit horrific acts of child abuse.

Due to the rising incidence of these crimes, parents started using these cameras to monitor the babysitters' actions when out. The parents would then play back the tapes and observe what happened when they weren't around. It's no surprise that a good number of the hidden footage was so graphically violent that the babysitters ended up prosecuted and the tapes played back on tabloid talk shows like Jerry Springer. Since then they have become a built-in, cleverly concealed device that's quite often found in homes where young children are being watched by hired help.

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